Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment

Author, speaker and motorcycle touring business owner Liz Jansen has written an inspirational book entitled: Women Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment, 50 Inspiring Stories of Adventure and Self-Discovery

Interspersed with the author’s own personal story of triumph, growth, discovery and overcoming adversity on her path to discovering her true calling are 49 other stories written by women who explain how integral motorcycling is in their lives and how they got their start.  The stories come from women of every profession and background from a stunt woman and mother of 3 to a policewoman responsible for training motorcycle police, to the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle, as well as politicians, activists, authors, artists, businesswomen and musicians. Each shares her unique story in her own words.

Some of the stories involve women who were raised riding while others tell a tale of discovering it later in life. Having discovered riding at age 33 I can relate to the women in the book who shrugged off convention, faced their fears and refused to quit until they became competent riders. I run a motorcycle group with over 100 members, 30% of whom are women and I’ve had the opportunity over the years to hear some of their stories which mirror many of those shared in the book.

On a personal level the motorcycle has been an agent of change in my life as well so much of the book resonated with me. I saw a lot my personal history in the stories, particularly the learned fears and personal traps I’d set for myself that stopped me from becoming all that I was capable of becoming.

People take many paths to empowerment. Sadly, some never make the journey to becoming what they truly are meant to be; but for many the motorcycle is the catalyst for that change which then spills over into other areas of their lives. The women in this book illustrate that point beautifully in story after story. I was moved and inspired and often nostalgic when thinking back about my own fumbling beginnings on the bike, what riding has meant to me and how it has changed my life.

A common sentiment by the women who share their stories is that they reject being called “brave” or “courageous”. They own that they have all the same fears as everyone else; but of course the very definition of courage is the taking of action in spite of fear. So these women in fact personify courage and bravery; yet they are like so many empowered people: humble and quietly inspiring. Another common thread is that each woman, once empowered, felt the strong urge to pass that feeling on, to “pay it forward”, and help others feel it too. Once again that is a sentiment I connected strongly with.

I highly recommend Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment to not only women riders; but to everyone who rides or knows a rider, anyone who is considering riding and particularly to anyone who is unfulfilled in their current place in life, feels the universe has more in store for them and wants some inspiration to begin their own journey towards empowerment and personal growth.

I carry a laminated card in my tank bag with some of my favorite quotes printed on it. One of them is by Robert Louis Stevenson who said: “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life” . Each of the stories presented in this book reminded me of that quote, which is so much a part of me. This book is a gift Liz Jansen has given the world.

Ride safe.

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  1. Liz JansenNo Gravatar

    Kudos to you Kelly. Lots of big steps and you're obviously thriving!! All we ever need to do is take that next step and before we know it, we're riding motorcycles in foreign countries!!

    It's shocking to hear how limiting people can be on themselves. We all do it to some extent which is why it takes us a lifetime to become who we are. I love that quote too.

    World traveler Carla King, who discovered her love of solo travel after being confronted with fear, speaks about this in my book. When people tell her they'd rather stay safe, she thinks "are you really happy inside that bubble? Think about what you're missing."

    It's exciting to hear about your choices. Thank you for sharing them and all the best with your adventures!


  2. KellyNo Gravatar

    Enjoyed this tour stop. I made a note of the Robert Louis Stevenson quote; thanks, I love stuff like that! The part about courage and working through fears as we build our confidence in our motorcycle riding reminded me of something a doctor said to me years ago. I was in my early 20s with new babies, and learning to manage young widowhood on top of it all, and she told me of a patient in her practice in her mid-40s who had never been out of our small city. I was shocked but have learned to understand that many people are challenged to leave home each day, never mind their city. To celebrate 50 I became a new rider. I feel as if it's kind of like going to a different country, but you become familiar, it all comes together… Now, my husband of 15 years and I have plans to take in some foreign motorcycle tours. So, I've pulled together the leaving town, ride the bike and travel! Riding my new motorcycle is a new adventure in my life and I'm loving it!

  3. DarleneNo Gravatar

    I have been riding pillion for 29 years and finally took the plunge and got my motorcycle license. I started out with a 50cc scooter January 2011 and now ride a 750 Honda. I love my new found freedom and the sense of empowerment. Motorcycling has made me a stronger woman and I love it. You are never oo old to try it!

    1. Liz JansenNo Gravatar

      Congratulations Darlene and thanks for those wise words! What a lovely story. Best and safe travels.



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