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What’s In The Box

I’ve been testing a pair of prescription motorcycle sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m quite impressed. I chose the Wiley X Blink model with bronze base lenses which I was told would provide more contrast as opposed to the grey base lens which is recommended for those with sensitive eyes or that live in heavy sun regions like Arizona.

The glasses arrived in an impressive package complete with a crush resistant, zippered case (a must for commuting), 2 lanyards, a bottle of cleaning solution and 2 cleaning cloths. The package also included detachable foam inserts that clip to the inside of the glasses to seal the area around your eyes while riding. I was skeptical about using the inserts, thinking they might limit peripheral vision; but I was pleasantly surprised to find they are quite comfortable and do not inhibit my vision at all. Detaching the inserts makes the glasses perfect for every day use off the bike, something I hadn’t found in motorcycle specific glasses before. Motorcycle sunglasses I’ve used in the past looked out of place off the bike.

ADS glasses are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and lens options and are affordably priced. They are light enough to be comfortable all day and fit securely with no sliding or slipping whatsoever. Your prescription information can be added via the website during the ordering process. As someone who has struggled with a combination of contact lenses, glasses and motorcycle protective glasses over the years I was happy to have come across ADS Sports Eyewear, they are a great value, are very stylish and perform perfectly. Ride safe.

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