Our Interview with Author Annette Birkmann

cover_press_01Zen Motorcyclist is pleased to feature an interview with Danish author, Annette Birkmann. Annette quit her job as a lawyer in Denmark to work as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She then traveled solo on her motorcycle from Ushuaia, Argentina to New York. However, Annette’s physical journey of over 30,000 miles paled in comparison to her inner quest to find effortlessness and fulfillment in her life. Her book The Road to Getting Yourself Out of the Way, a Journey to Effortless Living (which Zen Motorcyclist will be reviewing in the next several weeks) details how the grueling motorcycle trip through South, Central and North America helped Annette to tune in to inner wisdom she had all along.

Annette spoke with Zen Motorcyclist contributor, Henry Yampolsky. Annette’s book can be purchased using the link below the video.


  1. nickNo Gravatar

    I loved this interview. Many thanks.

    1. BudCADNo Gravatar

      Thanks for saying so Nick. Henry did a great job, I'm glad you liked it.


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