Screaming Banshee Horn Now Available

Back in January (2012) I wrote a post about the Banshee Horn system being developed by Peter Olt, an inventor with an electrical engineering background and CEO of Banshee Horn, LLC. At the time Peter’s product was on Kickstarter to raise money to fund the production of the Banshee Horn. Well, I’m glad to say Peter exceeded his funding goal and the Screaming Banshee Horn is now in full production and available for purchase.

The horn is connected to your existing horn wiring and can be installed in under an hour. The genius of this design is that it allows you to keep your existing horn or, with the use of an adjustable delay, employ a 135 decibel air horn and flashing headlights in an emergency. The horn can be ordered in several ways, I ordered a control unit only since I already have a Stebel air horn mounted on my V-Strom. You can also order the complete package with the horn in either black or chrome. In addition they have introduced a “split screamer” version which separates the compressor and flute, making mounting in tight spaces easier. Use of the Screaming Banshee is not limited to motorcycles either, it can be mounted in a car, boat, or most any other vehicle with a weak horn.

My air horn has saved me on more than one occasion, unfortunately it prevents use of the stock horn. The Screaming Banshee gives me the best of both worlds. In today’s distracted driver environment the Screaming Banshee Horn is an effective tool that will increase the safety of every ride and driver who uses it.

Here is the latest promotional video for the Screaming Banshee:

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