Not Your Father’s WD40


A new staple in my maintenance routine.

Who among us didn’t grow up seeing that yellow and blue can in the garage that came out whenever dad worked on the car or lawnmower? You may have heard the rumors that WD-40 was made gel lubricantfrom fish oil (it’s not) or that it’s not really a lubricant and shouldn’t be used on motorcycle chains… both are incorrect. “WD” in fact stands for “Water Displacement”, the 40 represents the 40th “recipe” of the original product. WD-40 has come a long way and I was surprised to here from them about the products in the company line for motorcycle use. I’ve used three products for a few weeks now and have been impressed with their performance.

The saying goes you really only need two things: duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and shouldn’t, use duct tape; if it doesn’t move and should use WD-40. As a degreasermotorcyclist who rides year round in all types of weather cleaning and lubricating my chain is a weekly ritual. I’ve tried almost every product on the market with varying degrees of success. Most products do an adequate job; but some require more effort to clean a chain than WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Degreaser does. I can’t recommend it enough for easily cleaning a chain (and my chain can get pretty grimy after a week of commuting in the rain). WD-40 Specialist Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant adequately lubricated my chain and without excess “fly-off” that I’ve experienced with other chain lubricants.

My 2012 V-Strom has also undergone some upgrades which required me to remove factory bolts for Puig engine guards, an Innovv camera system, a foot peg lowering kit and a set of Tuono mirrors. WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray made the job of removing those factory bolts a whole penetrantlot easier. A quick spray and a 10 minute wait and the bolts came off easily and without stripping. The WD-40 line of motorcycle friendly products now occupies a spot on top of the toolbox my father used throughout his nearly 40 year career as a mechanic. It’s not my father’s WD-40, though the product has changed, evolved and improved, it still reminds me of my youth.

Thank you to WD-40 Specialist for sending me the products to test.

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