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Adam_Anand_Praying72dpi-OptimizedFinding The Highest Pass Within Follow-Up – An Interview with the producer, writer and star of the film: Adam Schomer

Several weeks ago Zen Motorcyclist contributor Henry Yampolsky reviewed the film, The Highest Pass, starring Anand Mehrortra, Adam Schomer, and six other motorcycle riders, who traversed the highest pass in the Himalayas while on a spiritual journey of discovering and facing their own deepest fears. Read Henry’s Review of the film here.

We received great feedback in response to the review including a comment from Adam Schomer, the producer, writer and one of the stars of the film.  Henry invited Adam to sit down for an interview for ZenMotorcyclist.com.  During their conversation Henry and Adam talked about the story behind The Highest Pass, some of the key teachings of Anand Mehrotra, facing our own mortality, discovering freedom, and of course about riding motorcycles.  As part of his interview with Henry, Adam made available to readers of Zen Motorcyclist a preview of The Four Sacred Peaks of Freedom (trailer below), a 5-part TV miniseries coming later in 2014 which expands and follows on the lessons of The Highest Pass.  You can hear further details about the miniseries in Henry’s interview with Adam and watch the riveting preview below.

Here is Adam’s interview:

The Highest Pass can be streamed using this link and/or from the Zen Motorcyclist Facebook page.

Here is a preview of Adam’s television series The Four Sacred Peaks of Freedom which is currently raising finances for post production, for more information contact Adam through his website.

The Four Sacred Peaks from Adam Schomer on Vimeo.

The Highest Pass can be streamed using this link and/or from the Zen Motorcyclist Facebook page.

Zen Motorcyclist is currently editing Henry’s interview with Annette Birkmann, author of The Road to Getting Yourself Out of Way – A Journey to Effortless Living. Stay tuned for that interview in the coming weeks.

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