Banshee Horn Warning System

Disclaimer: lest I be accused otherwise (which I have) I have no ties to Peter Olt or Banshee Horn, LLC. This post was written to help bring a product to market which has the potential to save lives. I donated to Peter’s Kickstarter site to help him reach his funding goal.

Click here for an updated post about the Banshee Horn

Peter Olt, an inventor with an electrical engineering background, is CEO of Banshee Horn, LLC. He has come up with a horn wiring system with an adjustable delay which I think is really slick. The system runs off the bike battery and can be used as a normal horn when pressed; but when held for the preset delay, the airhorn activates at 135db and the headlights flash repeatedly. I’ve been using a Stebel Airhorn for years and love it, the only drawback is it cannot be used at anything other than full blast, which startles some drivers needlessly. Peter’s invention allows both uses, casual as well as emergency. Check it out and see if you agree. He has set up a site accepting pledges in return for product with the aim of raising enough funds to get the Banshee into the hands of as many riders as possible. Check out the video and if you’re interested stop by and make a pledge.

Ride safe.

Here is the latest promotional video for the Screaming Banshee:

YouTube Preview Image

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