A Story Worth Living

A Story Worth LivingA Story Worth Living just isn’t worth seeing (and certainly not worth paying to see). I considered deleting this post but instead thought it a better use of my time to advise readers to avoid it.

Eight day camping trips do not equate to “Epic adventures”. Talking about story might be fine for a podcast but this movie was billed to the motorcycle community (including flyers I received in recent purchases from motorcycle parts distributors) as an adventure film (including enticing lines like “…can we get off this mountain…?”). What it amounts to is a disjointed, wordy mess that tells no story at all. I’m insulted as a motorcyclist that I was duped into paying $14 to see what I can see better versions of on youtube for free. The incessant talking about (rather than showing) the adventure had me squirming in my seat and wanting it to end. What little actual riding footage there is in the film seems to be the same repeated shots and totaling very little of the actual film, although if you like awkward cigar smoking shots there are plenty of those. Near what seemed like the end there is an interminable bull session in which the “actors” talk about the “adventure”, this went on so long I actually turned to a friend and said aloud “they have to stop talking now”.

I’m all for adventure but why do admittedly inexperienced beginner riders need heavy BMW800’s with fully loaded panniers if they have support vehicles following them for most of the trip? 1,000 miles in eight days (a lot of which was on pavement) just doesn’t qualify as epic. I’m at a loss to understand how this film was green-lighted for wide theatrical release by sponsors once they’d seen the final cut. This film felt forced, contrived, badly scripted and the religious overtones were uncomfortable and out of place; although it’s been admitted the deception was a deliberate attempt to dupe the riding community into hearing “the gospel”. I’ve never walked out on any film, let alone one about motorcycling; but this was very nearly my first.

In response to the growing criticism the producers are offering refunds here. (Note: I’ve received my $42 refund).

ADVrider or Long Way Round (the claimed inspiration for this film), Dream Racer or World On Wheels are better places to go for examples of motorcycle adventure.








  1. JoNo Gravatar

    The epic adventure is about life, it is a metaphor. Although, it really was an adventure for these men. I feel very Zen about it because I knew beforehand that John Eldredge is a pastor who believes the traditional church often tries to take away the natural inclination of men to be adventurers… It didn't surprise me. However, I'm glad I found this blog although it was as I was searching for this film. My husband and two friends will be traveling 14,000 miles by motorcycle to Prudhoe Bay and I will be trying to post his adventure and pictures from home on TravelinSchoos.com. I'm not a professional blogger, but they are seasoned riders with a lot of miles under their belts. Any tips or help with the blog will be appreciated!🙂

    1. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

      The deceptive marketing is what everyone who has seen the film has a problem with. It's was billed on the level of Long Way Round (to the point of including Boorman in the hype, which I'm guessing he now regrets given the backlash) when it was really a father and son camping trip. Pitching this movie, in which they ride 1000 miles in 8 days over mild terrain, to people who regularly ride that far in 2 days, is disingenuous and irritating to those of us who initially helped promote the film.

      I got my refund of $42, I just wish I could get those 2 hours back. Shame on the filmmakers for duping the ADV community and being dishonest about the true nature of the film, not a very christian thing to do. Probably be a nice movie to show boys on a church retreat (then again females are only included in the "celebration scene" so maybe not).

      John Eldredge should have been more honest, unfortunately for him he's ruined his name and that of his sons in the motorcycle community.

  2. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

    Refunds are being offered: http://www.astoryfilm.com/openletter

    I've requested mine.

  3. TruthNo Gravatar

    Would be great to see a recap of what the film actually was about and acknowledge the scam perpetrated on the riding community

  4. Jon DaleNo Gravatar

    Hey Bud! Thanks so much for writing about the film. We're really excited to see the motorcycling community getting behind it so strongly. Can't wait to hear what you think!

    If you need any posters or anything, let me know!


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