Ghost Rider’s New Ride

Nicholas Cage is back to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider The Spirit of Vengeance which hits theaters on February 17th, 2012.

The Awesome V-Max

 I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Ghost Rider film, it was decent enough for it’s comic book genre; but I never quite understood why they would have a motorcycle stuntman acting as the Devil’s own bounty hunter with supernatural powers riding a chopper (well other than choppers seemed to be all the rage in 2007 when the first film was made). It was cool to discover that in the sequel Johnny Blaze will be riding a Yamaha V-Max, now that’s a bike for the Devil’s soulless bounty hunter. Since it’s inception in 1985 the V-Max has been known as the ultimate power cruiser. It’s never been known for its cornering ability or suspension but it looks like a balled up fist and besides, Johnny Blaze can fly. In any event the V-Max is at least more practical than his old chopper and certainly cooler looking… I still stop and stare when I see a V-Max. They look like a leopard rearing back to launch itself at some unsuspecting prey. Beast of a bike and a great choice for the movie.

Ride safe. See the trailer below.

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Check out our other movie bike posts.


  1. molsonNo Gravatar

    The V-Max has always been one of those over the top creations only the Japanese could come up with. Certainly an appropriate ride for the undead, but even more appropriate may be the Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV. Now there's a ride with handling characteristics only the undead could appreciate. Oh and the sound of that screaming two stroke triple. It really is enough to raise the dead.

  2. Bud MillerNo Gravatar (Post author)

    I think it was a VT-500. It was sweet and you could fire 2 shotguns without losing your balance. Watch those grenades though. Yikes!

  3. Bud MillerNo Gravatar (Post author)

    He's not an outlaw, he's the un-dead. They gotta have practical rides with a better turning radius. Satan's nippin' at his heels 🙂 Tex Cobb made a far better choice in Raising Arizona.

  4. LeathermanNo Gravatar

    Choppers are associated with the outlaw biker image, which is exactly what Ghost Rider was and the image ol' Beelzebub might want to portray. Leather, generalized nastiness, choas, doom.

    Why the chopper hate, Dude?

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