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All our software is free for 30 days.

Just e-mail or mail the registration form included in each download. We'll bill you and send an authorization code right away.


All our software may be purchased on-line using a secure connection. See the specific product page for purchase links and pricing.

Our Goal: To provide easy to use, inexpensive utilities and applications for the Civil\Survey community as well as the AutoCAD community in general.  Our software is created from client requests and from my own work as a Civil\Survey draftsman, trainer and consultant.  I use all the software on this site on a weekly basis in subdivision preparation.

All product downloads are full versions which operate without restriction for 30 days. At any time during that period you can submit payment or a completed registration form at which time you will receive a password and registration number that activate the programs for permanent use.

Please select a product link above to go to that product's page for summaries, screenshots, samples, pricing and downloads (summaries appear below).


Check AutoCAD / Civil 3d Compatibility

Create an ASCII file used to automatically create groups of points by description.

Write descriptions in seconds in Word using  Civil3D parcels.

Write descriptions in seconds in Word using Softdesk or LDT Parcels or figures (polylines). 

Plot profiles of any 3D polyline in seconds, complete with elevations and station labels at any scale with any vertical exaggeration.

Create Parcel or polyline area tables and point or point group tables in Word, Excel or Notepad or LDT. A great companion to Q-Legal.

Send Layer data to Word, Excel or Notepad from AutoCAD to create and sort layer reports in seconds.

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