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Get Layers for AutoCAD2000 through 2011

Word/Excel 97+ or Notepad

Last revised July 25, 2010

Extracts Layer Data from AutoCAD and creates sorted reports.

AutoCAD2006 and above versions now allow changes to drawing layers from an Excel spreadsheet


Run from AutoCAD or Word


Send to Word, Excel or Notepad

One-click Sorting by any criteria (Word and Excel)


Autocad2006 and above versions show layer descriptions.

^^ Sample Excel layer report ^^

Product Summary:  

Get Layers will create AutoCAD drawing layer reports in Word, Excel or in a text file by importing the data from the current drawing.  The layer data can be easily sorted by any criteria:

The sort options are either ascending or descending by:

Name, Color, Linetype, On/Off status, Frozen/Thawed status, Locked/Unlocked status, LineWeight (inches or mm), Plot Style and Plot/No Plot status

Get Layers can also be run from AutoCAD. The program will launch Word or Excel and send the layer data automatically.

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Software requirements are as follows:

AutoCAD2000 (or higher)

Word and/or Excel 97 (or higher)  

ASCII version does not require Word or Excel.

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Registration Cost:

Single copy $40   Site license $99

To purchase via Credit Card over a secure connection:
To be billed:
Just e-mail the registration form to, we will send the authorization, registration number and invoice right away.
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  Fully Functional Downloads: include read me file, menu and registration form. Downloads run unrestricted for 30 days (all you need is a password for continued use...).  

Unzip to a temp directory and run Setup.exe. See Readmefirst.doc for instructions.

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