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AutoGroups 2.40 for Land Desktop 2 through 2009

Create hundreds of point groups in seconds.  Built in editor saves associations to an ASCII file.  Add points to multiple groups.

Select a point and list the groups it belongs to, then add it to any number of existing groups.


Find / Replace multiple project point descriptions.

Delete multiple Groups at once.


Create hundreds of Groups at once.


Share data with other users.


Create selected point data tables.


Create point group data tables.


Use associations in any project.


Product Summary:  

Ever wish point groups acted like description keys? Ever tried to delete multiple groups? How about adding points to multiple groups?  Changing descriptions of multiple points? Creating tables of Point data (number, northing, easting, description, elevation)? AutoGroups addresses all these problems.

AutoGroups lets you delete all point groups at once.

AutoGroups allows you to create and edit an ASCII file containing point descriptions and corresponding group names and then create all the groups with one click, similar to description keys. There is also an included editor that allows editing of the ASCII file from inside LDD.

AutoGroups actually shows you a list of unique point descriptions and lets you click to add them along with a group  (or groups) name you select or enter to create associations of descriptions and groups.

AutoGroups allows you to place a table in your drawing showing point data for the group (see below)

AutoGroups allows you to find and replace incorrect point descriptions instantly (see below) 

AutoGroups allows you to select a point and list the groups it belongs to as well as add it to any number of existing groups (see below).

Lisp routine included allows you to run the 4 included routines from the command line by typing "Groups", "GroupTable", "Editpoints" and IDGroup (or whatever you want to substitute).

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All you need to do is use the built in editor or edit the ASCII file included in the download (typically C:\Program  Files\AutoGroups\Grouplist.TXT) and add your associations. The format is descriptor (in quotes) followed by Group name (in quotes) as follows:

"TR12", "Only TR12"

"TR12*", "Everything starting with TR12"

"*TR12", "Everything ending with TR12"  

"*TR12*","Everything containing TR12"

"~*TR12*","Everything NOT containing TR12"

The text in the first set of quotes will be the matching parameters and the second will be the target group name.  Asterisk (*) wildcards may only be used at the beginning or end (or both) of a descriptor and tilde (~ meaning "everything but") may be used only at the beginning.

Download a full version of AutoGroups below (as soon as you register we'll e-mail or mail you an authorization code for permanent use).

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Requirements are as follows:  

Drawing points MUST be in the drawing when the program is run. 

Land Development Desktop 2 or higher required.

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Registration Cost: 

Site License:  $99

(unlimited installs in any one office location):

To purchase via Credit Card over a secure connection:

To be billed:

Just e-mail the registration form to, we will send the authorization, registration number and invoice right away.

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  Fully Functional Downloads: include: readme file, menu, lisp routine (for command line operation), registration form.  

Downloads run unrestricted for 30 days (all you need is a password for continued use).

Land Development Desktop 2/2i/3 Land Desktop 2004/2005/2006

Land Desktop 2007 Land Desktop 2008
Land Desktop 2009

To install: unzip to a temp directory and run Setup.exe.  (See readmefirst.txt for instructions)

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