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GetParcels for Land Desktop 2 through 2009

Now allows parcel, point, point group and polyline area table creation in Land Desktop Notepad, Word or Excel.

Optional Notepad (.txt) file creation (Word/Excel no longer required in LDT2i and above versions).

Last revised September 10, 2008

Create Point, Point Group, Parcel and Polyline tables in LDT, Notepad, Word or Excel.

Land Development Desktop 2i - 2008 graphic:


Create parcel  area tables


Create polyline area tables


Non-Word/Excel versions are included



Create selected point data tables


Create  point group data tables


Product Summary:  
LDT2 version: Tables in AutoCAD from selected polylines, points or point groups.
Tables in Word from parcel definitions (Word reads area files you create in Parcel Manager).
LDT2i (or higher) versions:  Tables in AutoCAD from Parcel lists, polylines, points or point groups.
Tables in Word, Excel or notepad from Parcel lists, polylines, points or point groups.

GetParcels creates Parcel or polyline area tables or point/point group data tables  in *Word, Excel, Notepad or LDT by exporting the data from Parcel area files (or directly from LDD2i+).  Tables contain the name, perimeter, square footage and acreage as well as the number of parcels, minimum parcel size and name, maximum parcel size and name, average parcel size, the name of the project and date of creation.  

*Word/Excel are not required to use the program.

GetParcels can also be used to create area tables in AutoCAD from selected polylines.

The Parcel Area tables look like this:

The Point tables look like this:

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Software requirements are as follows:

Land Development Desktop 2 (or higher)

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Registration Cost:

$99 Per Office location

To purchase with any major credit card over a secure connection:
To be billed:
Just e-mail the registration form to, we will send the authorization, registration number and invoice right away.

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  Fully Functional Downloads: include read me files, menus and registration form. Downloads run unrestricted for 30 days (all you need is a password for continued use...).  

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