Parcels version - Land Desktop 1 or 2\Softdesk 8 Setup:

Note: No setup is required for LDD2i and above versions. You are shown a list of parcels directly from Word...

Note: No setup is required for the figures version. You select a polyline.

Parcels\Lots menu

Parcel Manager\Edit Lots

Output Settings…

Overwrite File: should be checked
Page Breaks: MUST NOT be checked. 
File: MUST be checked. 
Output File Name... can by anything that ends with: txt, TXT, asc, ASC, prn, PRN, rtf, RTF or no extension. You will be prompted for this file by the program.

Creating the file Q-Legal reads:

Select your predefined parcel or Parcels and pick "INVERSE". 

Your parcel will be sent to the file you typed in "Output File Name". 

To create multiple legal descriptions by inversing multiple parcels into one file:

Select more than one parcel (as shown) and inverse them to the same file. You can then use the “Create Individual Files…” button on the preferences screen in Q-Legal to create single parcel files out of one long file (no limit on the number). The program will automatically name them for you and place them in the same directory as your file.

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