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TV Show Casting

LOS ANGELES, September 19, 2012 – Pilgrim Studios, the producers of American Chopper (TLC), Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel), and Fast N’ Loud (Discovery), is seeking to cast a company of fun, outgoing and even outrageous individuals who buy motorcycles, restore them to their previous glory and sell them.

Does your company restore or rebuild old motorcycles? If you and your staff are top-notch bike builders/restorers, have big personalities and can turn forgotten, derelict or vintage motorcycles into full-throttle masterpieces, then you could have your own show on a major cable network!

Maybe you hunt for old bikes in your area, spruce them up and sell them for a big profit. Maybe you’re a custom bike builder who doesn’t usually restore bikes, but you’ve got the facility and know-how to do it. As long as you have what it takes, and your team has memorable, outgoing personalities, your company could be featured on its own TV show.

If this sounds like you, please email producers with your name, the company name, location, phone number, email address, recent photos of you and your team, company website and a brief explanation of why you should be flipping bikes on your own TV show.

Producers are looking to meet great builders in early October, 2012. So contact us TODAY!

* For more information on Pilgrim Studios and the producers, please visit Pilgrim studios.

Cool Cafe Racer Video

I came across this excellent video on Vimeo. The bike is a Yamaha SR500. You don’t see many bike videos that use classical music. I thought it was a great touch and the bike is just beautiful. Enjoy.

A short film by Ricki Bedenbaugh for Lossa Engineering, “Solus”. Lossa Engineering built Yamaha SR500, also featured on Cafe Racer TV season 1.

Chasing Speed Leslie Porterfield

Chasing Speed airs sunday April 1st on Velocity TV. The show will follow Leslie Porterfield‘s attempt to take a stock 1000cc motorcycle over 200 miles per hour at Bonneville Salt Flats. The show will follow Leslie as she prepares to break two world records in her attempt to become the world’s fastest person on a motorcycle. She’s already the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle.

In addition to racing Leslie is also the owner of High Five Cycles in Dallas, Texas. The show will feature her life on and off the salt flats and follow her to Wichita State University where she conducted wind tunnel testing and an airport in Athens Texas for actual speed testing on a runway.

Cori and I had the good fortune to meet Leslie at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in New York back in January and to sit in on the talk she gave there about what it’s like to race at Bonneville. This show looks interesting and we wish Leslie the best in her record attempts.

Leslie Porterfield

The Walking Dead Bike

We are huge fans of the AMC show The Walking Dead. The finale of season 2 pulled in something like 9 million viewers. If you’re a fan of the show you know that crossbow wielding Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) slays zombies and squirrels from the saddle of a chopper emblazoned with a nazi insignia:I believe in the story that the bike actually belonged to Daryl’s racist brother Merle (played by the awesome Michael Rooker). It’s not a Harley but most likely a 70’s era chopped Triumph Bonneville. The insignia no doubt meant more to Merle than it does to Daryl, who unlike his brother, has actually demonstrated a deep moral core, even as he struggles with his past and the specter of his brother to help protect the group. Daryl no doubt still rides it in tribute to his older brother.

As escape vehicles go the bike is very impractical, although it looks cool as hell. Zombies are aroused by and attracted to noise, and the chopper is very loud. The peanut tank is too small to afford any kind of range and the ape hangers would make it difficult to steer around corpses and abandoned cars.  But what the hell, it’s a show about a zombie apocalypse so I can suspend my disbelief about the impracticality of Daryl’s ride. It fits his loner character and the scene in the season finale in front of a barn ablaze when Daryl hears the cries of Carol and swoops back to the zombie horde to save her was fantastic.  The scene would have lacked its tremendous emotional impact (ie, cool-as-fuck-factor) had Daryl been driving the RV.

The Walking Dead is a great show. We can’t wait for season 3. No doubt Daryl will be kicking ass and taking names again aboard his brother’s chopper. The “IF YOU CAN READ THIS THE ZOMBIE FELL OFF” t-shirts are printing as you read this…

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World Superbike FIM 2012

This sunday (February 26th) marks the start of the 25th Superbike FIM World Championship at Phillip Island in Australia. 39 year old Carlos Checa will be back to defend his title from 2011 aboard a Ducati 1098R. 24 Riders from 10 countries will compete on 14 circuits around the world at speeds topping 180mph. Manufactures represented in the 2012 edition are: Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. Speed TV will have coverage as usual. Every year after Dakar ends in January I can’t wait for SBK and MotoGP to start racing. MotoGP starts April 8th in Qatar…

Here’s a short video of Team Kawasaki preparing for this years series: