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Final Miles Home

I took some GoPro footage, messed with it a bit on the pc and paired it with a tune created on an iPad by my friend Mike Taylor. I heard the tune, got an image in my head and tried to edit the footage to match the image. The video has a watercolor look and the colors cycle through the spectrum. The music and the video create a sort of sci-fi, dreamlike quality. It’s at actual speed on wet roads which I think adds to the effect. The GoPro tends to really flatten the look of terrain, the hill in the first half of the video is extremely steep.

Tips for riding in the rain…

I had occasion this morning to ride in a steady rain that began long before I left the house. Special care needs to be taken when riding in the rain. That said, if proper precautions are taken you can ride just as well when it’s wet as you can when it’s dry.

Here are some tips that may come in handy if you plan to venture out in the rain:

  • If possible wait 30 – 60 minutes before venturing out. That allows some time for the rain to wash away and dilute oils and dirt from the road surface. Roads are especially slick 30 minutes and more after a rain shower starts.
  • Allow your tires time to warm up and provide better traction before riding too fast, turning too sharply or braking too harshly. Warm tires grip better than dry ones.
  • Whenever possible avoid manhole covers, inlets and anything painted. Rain makes these things particularly slippery.
  • If you don’t have waterproof boots get a pair of boot covers. Tourmaster makes a great pair for around $25. Wet boots don’t dry quickly. These things are invaluable to a commuter.
  • If you’ve put on rain gear and the rain stops, leave the rain gear on. If you don’t the rain will begin again the second you stow your gear (it’s happened to me many times).
  • If your boots get wet pack them with newspaper to help them dry.
  • If the rain becomes too severe and diminishes visibility pull off and wait it out. If you’re having trouble seeing other motorists they’re having trouble seeing you and it’s not worth the risk.
  • Watch out for standing water. Standing water hides potholes and other surface anomalies that can be treacherous. If you have to go through it stand on the pegs to absorb any shock you may get from whatever may be lurking under the water.
  • If you’re like me and ride in the rain often some strategically placed reflective tape (mine is on the back of my saddle bags) will serve to make you more visible to motorists.

If you take precautions you can ride dry and arrive safely in rainy weather.

Ride safe.