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Lane Splitting

splittingThis is one of the better explanations of the how’s and why’s of lane splitting I’ve ever seen. Thanks to RideApart and Hell For Leather for putting this one together. Lane splitting is only legal in 1 U.S. State (California) while it is encouraged and legal in most every other country throughout the world. The guys go into great detail about how to lane split safely and why it is advantageous.

Lane position

The position of your motorcycle in your lane can be of critical importance in ensuring that other motorists see you (and that you see them). There are 3 positions you can use in various situations: left, center and right.

Consider you are traveling behind an SUV and there’s a car ahead traveling towards you and waiting to turn left across your path. If you stay in the center or right side of your lane the approaching car may not see you and may turn immediately as the SUV passes by, which puts you at risk; but if you stay to the left of your lane and back just far enough, the approaching car has a better chance of seeing you and may delay his turn. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.