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Prescription Motorcycle Eyewear from ADS Sports Eyewear

What’s in the Box

If you’re anything like me and wear glasses while riding you know the limitations of standard prescription glasses in terms of both comfort and safety. Standard frames can be uncomfortable inside a helmet, can be hard to get on through a helmet, quickly become scratched, dirty and worn. I dislike riding with my everyday glasses for those reasons as well as limitations they place on my peripheral vision, which is critical to riding safely.

Thankfully the people at ADS Sports Eyewear have a line of eye wear for not only motorcyclists; but a wide range of activities. I’m on my 2nd pair of Wiley X glasses. Sadly, my first pair now rests at the bottom of the Lehigh River, lost during a kayak excursion (because I failed to use the strap included in the package). I missed those glasses immediately and couldn’t wait to replace them with something similar from ADS.


The Wiley X wrap style glasses contour to my face and tuck nicely into my helmet as though they were part of it. That’s important in riding since regular non-wrap style frames limit peripheral view. The Wiley X however, given the contour (the edge of the frame is closer to your face than standard glasses), enlarge your field of peripheral vision to be the maximum possible. The effect is similar to what a helmet with a wider eye port would allow.

My ADS frames are extremely light, flexible and stylish. The progressive lenses are perfect even though no doctor visit was done and no direct measurements performed.  ADS used my current prescription along with photos to create the lens shape that perfectly matched my physical features.


ADS makes use of the most important improvement in prescription sports eye wear: Free-form Digital Lens Surfacing (available on all but bifocal lenses). When traditional lenses are put in wrap style glasses there is a “fish-bowl” effect in peripheral vision. Free Form Digital Lens Surfacing eliminates this effect by digitally recalculating the curve at each point on the lens.

Customer Service

ADS works with each customer via email and regular mail to obtain measurements that ensure a perfect fit, even to the point of shipping a pair of frames (with return shipping pre-paid) so that a photo of the frames on your face can be used to make critical measurements for progressive lenses (which I opted for). As a motorcyclist who dislikes contact lenses I am more confident, safer and have much better vision on the road through the use of wrap style, prescription glasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. I highly recommend contacting them for your sports eye wear needs. With such name brands as Oakley, Ray Ban, Under Armour and Nike, to name just a few, ADS Sports Eyewear has frames in any tint, fit and prescription imaginable to suit any sports activity from motorcycling to skiing to baseball, shooting and racquet sports.

Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear


What’s In The Box

I’ve been testing a pair of prescription motorcycle sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m quite impressed. I chose the Wiley X Blink model with bronze base lenses which I was told would provide more contrast as opposed to the grey base lens which is recommended for those with sensitive eyes or that live in heavy sun regions like Arizona.

The glasses arrived in an impressive package complete with a crush resistant, zippered case (a must for commuting), 2 lanyards, a bottle of cleaning solution and 2 cleaning cloths. The package also included detachable foam inserts that clip to the inside of the glasses to seal the area around your eyes while riding. I was skeptical about using the inserts, thinking they might limit peripheral vision; but I was pleasantly surprised to find they are quite comfortable and do not inhibit my vision at all. Detaching the inserts makes the glasses perfect for every day use off the bike, something I hadn’t found in motorcycle specific glasses before. Motorcycle sunglasses I’ve used in the past looked out of place off the bike.

ADS glasses are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and lens options and are affordably priced. They are light enough to be comfortable all day and fit securely with no sliding or slipping whatsoever. Your prescription information can be added via the website during the ordering process. As someone who has struggled with a combination of contact lenses, glasses and motorcycle protective glasses over the years I was happy to have come across ADS Sports Eyewear, they are a great value, are very stylish and perform perfectly. Ride safe.

ADS Motorcycle Sunglasses

WileyXGlassesMotorcycle Sunglasses Made Easy by ADS Sports Eyewear (sponsored post)

Motorcycle sunglasses are an important piece of equipment for any motorcycle enthusiast. Selecting a frame will depend on your own personal style and fit but you want a lens material that protects your eyes from kicked up rocks and high-speed bugs, and a lens color that offers optimal color correction for the type of riding that you do. The following guidelines have been made to help make the important lens decisions that may end up saving your life.

Lens Materials

There are only two lens materials that are approved for use on a motorcycle. These are Polycarbonate and Trivex. SR-91 is also approved for use in this environment. This is a polarized version of Trivex.

All three are shatterproof and block 100% UV rays naturally. SR-91 is roughly 50% more expensive than polycarbonate, but the optical quality and durability is phenomenal. Polarization is optional with polycarbonate and Trivex while all SR-91 lenses are polarized. Polarized lenses cut glare to a minimum, making reflections from the sun less intrusive, allowing a rider to see more detail on any reflective surface.

Lens Colors

Copper-based lenses will provide the best contrast. This is the best lens color option for riders who are not exceptionally light sensitive. Grey is best for maintaining true color. The grey lens color does not provide any increased contrast it just makes everything darker. It is the best option for riders who are often squinting when they wear a copper lens in bright sunlight. People with light blue or light green eyes are statistically more likely to be light sensitive, but this is not always true.

Night riding requires a clear lens, or a lens with a light contrast tint. Photochromic or Transitions lenses are the most versatile lens. A Transitions lens will not get as dark as a tinted or polarized lens, and it may not darken at all if you wear it behind a shield. Even a half shield may block enough UV light to keep a Transitions lens from darkening. Transitions lenses do not darken as much or as fast in hotter weather, and after about three to five years the lens will start to “fatigue” or wear out. Transitions motorcycle glasses are your most versatile option, but these are not a good option for riders who prefer a darker lens.

Prescription Oakley Sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses offer a larger variety of lens colors that are well suited to motorcycling. Oakley Polarized lenses are available in many more colors than the standard grey or brown in polycarbonate, and the Oakley Iridium coatings offer an additional layer of contrast that is unique to Oakley. The new Oakley Wind Jacket is a favorite frame amongst motorcycle enthusiasts because of the removable eye seal and easily interchangeable lenses.

Free-From Digital Prescriptions

Prescription motorcycle sunglasses are now available with a new free-form digital surfacing design that completely eliminates the “fishbowl effect” traditionally associated with putting a prescription lens in a wrapped frame. This is done by recalculating the prescription at every point on the back of the lens. This has been a lifesaver for athletes in many sports, but this has proven to be more important to motorcyclists than anyone else. This also allows much higher prescriptions to be placed in these wrapped frames.

Final Thought

To sum things up, selecting the right pair of motorcycle sunglasses takes a little more consideration than a simple, “How do I look?”. Function should be the ultimate decider when making this kind of purchase.

ADS Sports Eyewear specializes in motorcycle eyewear and can answer any questions you may have about selecting the right pair of motorcycle sunglasses. They also have published a full Motorcycle Sunglasses Buyers Guide on their website with even more detailed information and reviews on sunglasses for motorcycling.

The Avengers and H-D

Chris Evans “Captain America”

Disney, Marvel Comics and Harley Davidson have teamed up to feature a black 2012 Softail Slim for the film The Avengers which opened last week. In the film Captain America (Chris Evans) rides the black Harley.

Harley Davidson is also running a contest to coincide with the release of the film. The Assemble Your Freedom Contest allows customers to assemble their own motorcycle and character and offers a chance to be written into an Avengers comic book.

From now through July 1, anyone can enter the Assemble Your Freedom contest online. Entrants need to create a profile with a hero name and description along with selecting a superhero bike model and features on the Harley-Davidson H-D1 Bike Builder.

The contest will select five winners based on various factors with prizes that include the motorcycle they created and being “immortalized with a personal likeness and motorcycle drawn into a custom Avengers comic book.”

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The trailer for The Avengers is below:

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Diesel Ducati in Soho

I took a little side trip to Soho last week to find the Diesel branded Ducati Monster 1100 EVO that I posted about a few weeks ago at the Soho Diesel store. It was well worth the trip. This thing is fantastic looking. It was autographed by Kentucky born 2006 MotoGP World Champion and Ducati factory rider Nicky Hayden and actor Adrien Brody (The Jacket, The Pianist). The bike will be on display throughout the country and then go into the private collection of it’s owner Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel.

I’ve got a thing for Ducati Monsters and this one is one great looking ride. The Monster Diesel is powered by the Desmodue Evoluzione engine which is the first two-valve Ducati to hit 100 hp. The “urban military chic” color scheme is different and ideal for urban areas. The locking rear cover actually hides a passenger seat. It is amazingly comfortable and ergonomically seems just perfect. Click here for the full specs. Below are some pics (more…)

Getting Farkled

Stebel Air Horn

Motorcyclists use the word “Farkle” to describe customizing a motorcycle for both fit and function.

A lot of riders, new riders especially, are unaware that motorcycles can be tweaked and adjusted to fit the rider and need not be ridden using the configuration set at the factory. Handlebars can be raised, lower, widened, made narrower. Mirrors can be adjusted and swapped for better rear view. Seats can be covered or changed. Suspension can be altered to raise or lower the bike. Shift and brake levers can be adjusted for a rider’s hand size. Hand grips can be replaced with more comfortable or better gripping ones. Brake pads and lines can be replaced with higher quality ones for better stopping power and longevity. Tires and chains are another area you can customize to suit your riding style and needs. Headlight bulbs, turn signals and brake lights can also be swapped and adjusted. I swapped the stock brake light on my KLR with a programmable LCD unit that flashed at a pre-set interval with each application of the brakes.

ATV Bars

There are no limits when it comes to “farkles” (well other than your wallet). Over the years I’ve had various bikes that caused me lower back strain which I remedied by trying different handlebar heights and styles. There are risers available that can raise bars up to 2 inches that take literally minutes to install. Handlebars can also be ordered in a multitude of different configurations of width, rise and sweep that can allow you to raise or lower the bars or bring them nearer to you.

Farkles” also refer to “extras” you can add like hard cases, tank bags, top boxes, GPS, satellite radio, cup-holders, replacement pipes, paint, power adapters, anything and everything you can add to personalize your bike.

Throttle Rocker

You can spend a little and get a lot or if you have the budget for it you can spend as much as you like and really create a one of a kind ride. It’s a lifetime project for some as new products are being introduced all the time. Personally I value the feel and function over the look so that’s where my focus lies. A top box with a back rest that could hold a laptop and a full face helmet, GPS and side cases for all weather clothing were my first priorities. Most of the changes mentioned are well within the grasp of most bike owners so, while you can pay to have them done, they are not technically difficult. Some farkles will be mentioned later in specific posts. Whatever your focus, customizing a motorcycle is one of the joys of ownership.

Now go farkle yourself  😉