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Weather On The Go

wbNow ScreenIf you’re anything like me you ride often, whether weekend day trips, daily commuting or extended multi-day trips. I commute in southeastern Pennsylvania throughout the year which means I ride in all types of weather, rain, occasionally snow, fog, high winds. Now on weekend rides or day trips that’s fine; but one thing I don’t do is commute in bad weather. My work occasionally involves being outside and I prefer not to have to deal with inclement weather on work days and the requisite clothing considerations that entails. With that in mind I’ve been using the WeatherBug weather app for a while now and with good results.

The widget on my Galaxy S5 (which I refer to often without ever needing to open the app) is unobtrusive and (more…)

Not Your Father’s WD40


A new staple in my maintenance routine.

Who among us didn’t grow up seeing that yellow and blue can in the garage that came out whenever dad worked on the car or lawnmower? You may have heard the rumors that WD-40 was made gel lubricantfrom fish oil (it’s not) or that it’s not really a lubricant and shouldn’t be used on motorcycle chains… both are incorrect. “WD” in fact stands for “Water Displacement”, the 40 represents the 40th “recipe” of the original product. WD-40 has come a long way and I was surprised to here from them about (more…)

Failure to do a “walk-around”

Last fall I did something I almost never do. I left in a hurry and took my motorcycle. The previous night I had done some work on the bike which necessitated removal of the seat. I carry a spare helmet on the seat behind me secured with a bungee webbing. After I put the seat back on I apparently failed to bungee the spare helmet to the seat. I live on a mountain of sorts, so a mile down the road on a steep hill I felt something slide into my back, I reached around and sure enough, my spare helmet was rolling around back there. I pulled over, put the 4-ways on and got off to secure the helmet. The V-Strom has a notoriously short kickstand and the hill was sufficiently steep to cause the bike to immediately topple over.

The topple over knocked loose the kickstand sensor on the handlebar so I was unable to start the bike once I’d lifted it. As a result, I was forced to roll quietly down the hill to a flat spot where I could safely reattach the sensor. Of course, during the course of all this at least three cars passed by and offered assistance. An embarrassing episode but one that drove home the importance of not leaving in a hurry or without doing a walk around.

Ride safe.