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Screaming Banshee Horn Now Available

Back in January (2012) I wrote a post about the Banshee Horn system being developed by Peter Olt, an inventor with an electrical engineering background and CEO of Banshee Horn, LLC. At the time Peter’s product was on Kickstarter to raise money to fund the production of the Banshee Horn. Well, I’m glad to say Peter exceeded his funding goal and the Screaming Banshee Horn is now in full production and available for purchase.

The horn is connected to your existing horn wiring and can be installed in under an hour. The genius of this design is (more…)

High beams in the daytime?

Commuting can get hairy at times and there are situations and roads that call for me to use my high beams during the day for safety reasons. In general I don’t but in the case of 4-lane roads with traffic entering from both sides and merging going on all around I’d rather make sure I’m being seen.

I’ve seen this topic debated in magazines and on the web. Blinding other drivers isn’t really an issue given that it’s daytime and their pupils aren’t dilated so the amount of extra light is minimal. It may be an annoyance but I’m of the opinion that if you’re annoyed, you at least see me.

I don’t use high beams on 2-lane roads or highways but in high volume areas with lots of cross traffic it feels safer and that’s reason enough.