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New Machining Marketplace

New Machining Marketplace Allows Cheaper Access to Custom Motorcycle Parts

Have you ever been customizing or restoring your motorcycle and been unable to source a part? This new online marketplace might be just what you are looking for.

Machining-4u is an online marketplace where motorcyclists can post their requirements for custom-machined parts, and receive multiple offers from machinists to select from. While the service is not specifically focused on motorcycle parts, it is particularly popular among motorcyclists.

The key advantage provided by Machining-4u is that it allows riders to source custom parts much cheaper than before. While you would previously have had to purchase parts from large, well-established companies, and pay a substantial premium, Machining-4u helps you to find much more reasonable prices. By increasing competition, the service takes power away from the large companies that dominate the industry.

Some examples of the custom-machined parts made by machinists at Machining-4u include bar ends, headlight brackets, wheel axle spacers, and braking adapters.

How It Works

A job is posted by uploading full information about the need, including blueprints and a description. Machinists can then start to submit their bids for the job. Once enough bids are in, the customer can take their pick based on various factors, including price, and the machinists’ experience and reputation on the site. When the customer selects a machinist, funds are stored in a secure account while the work is underway. Upon successful completion and approval of quality, the funds are released to the machinist.

How it started

Machining-4u was conceived when founders Simon Latour, Stephanie Brian and Stephane Gomez became frustrated with the availability and cost of custom-machined parts for cars, motorcycles and machinery. “Machining companies either rejected our requests as too small to bother with or quoted us ludicrous prices for such small production runs,” Stephane says. The solution? The innovative trio would set up a new online marketplace that would connect people directly with individual machinists. Since launch, Machining-4u has become increasingly popular as more and more motorcyclists are learning about the benefits provided by the service. With so many machinists ready and waiting to take on jobs, there’s no faster way for you to source affordable, custom machined parts.

Top 5 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

Guest Post: Joe Dobson is a custom bike enthusiast. When he is not working on his own custom creations, he enjoys blogging about bikes online.

You don’t need a lot of money to build a custom chopper. Sure, there are a lot of expensive models out there, and these are fun to look at, but they are by no means the only way to build a bike. There are a lot of folks out there just like you who don’t have £100,000 ($156,390) to drop on a custom chopper. That’s fine. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still draw great ideas from some of the most expensive motorcycles in the world.

The Dodge Tomahawk

What happens when you slam the engine of a Dodge Viper supercar into a motorcycle? Mayhem, that’s what. This is a V-10 poDodge Tomahawkwered bike that does 0-100 Km/h in about in 2.6 seconds. It’s so massive, it requires 4 wheels for stability and puts down 500 horsepower. It’s top speed? 675 Km/h.

It costs U.S. $555,000. With 8.3 litres, it’s a massive bike that you probably won’t be building at home anytime soon, but it’s styling is super-aggressive, compact, and mean. It looks very “industrial” and almost seems “bulletproof.”


Stellapina Harley Short Film

I came across this video promoting Roberto Rossi Harley Davidson in Italy on Pinterest and thought it worth sharing. Stellapina means Alpine Star. The Stellapina is a sportster modified for mountain rides. This video is excellent in every aspect with great music and sound and fantastic views. The Harley sounds amazing too…


Screaming Banshee Horn Now Available

Back in January (2012) I wrote a post about the Banshee Horn system being developed by Peter Olt, an inventor with an electrical engineering background and CEO of Banshee Horn, LLC. At the time Peter’s product was on Kickstarter to raise money to fund the production of the Banshee Horn. Well, I’m glad to say Peter exceeded his funding goal and the Screaming Banshee Horn is now in full production and available for purchase.

The horn is connected to your existing horn wiring and can be installed in under an hour. The genius of this design is (more…)

Getting Farkled

Stebel Air Horn

Motorcyclists use the word “Farkle” to describe customizing a motorcycle for both fit and function.

A lot of riders, new riders especially, are unaware that motorcycles can be tweaked and adjusted to fit the rider and need not be ridden using the configuration set at the factory. Handlebars can be raised, lower, widened, made narrower. Mirrors can be adjusted and swapped for better rear view. Seats can be covered or changed. Suspension can be altered to raise or lower the bike. Shift and brake levers can be adjusted for a rider’s hand size. Hand grips can be replaced with more comfortable or better gripping ones. Brake pads and lines can be replaced with higher quality ones for better stopping power and longevity. Tires and chains are another area you can customize to suit your riding style and needs. Headlight bulbs, turn signals and brake lights can also be swapped and adjusted. I swapped the stock brake light on my KLR with a programmable LCD unit that flashed at a pre-set interval with each application of the brakes.

ATV Bars

There are no limits when it comes to “farkles” (well other than your wallet). Over the years I’ve had various bikes that caused me lower back strain which I remedied by trying different handlebar heights and styles. There are risers available that can raise bars up to 2 inches that take literally minutes to install. Handlebars can also be ordered in a multitude of different configurations of width, rise and sweep that can allow you to raise or lower the bars or bring them nearer to you.

Farkles” also refer to “extras” you can add like hard cases, tank bags, top boxes, GPS, satellite radio, cup-holders, replacement pipes, paint, power adapters, anything and everything you can add to personalize your bike.

Throttle Rocker

You can spend a little and get a lot or if you have the budget for it you can spend as much as you like and really create a one of a kind ride. It’s a lifetime project for some as new products are being introduced all the time. Personally I value the feel and function over the look so that’s where my focus lies. A top box with a back rest that could hold a laptop and a full face helmet, GPS and side cases for all weather clothing were my first priorities. Most of the changes mentioned are well within the grasp of most bike owners so, while you can pay to have them done, they are not technically difficult. Some farkles will be mentioned later in specific posts. Whatever your focus, customizing a motorcycle is one of the joys of ownership.

Now go farkle yourself  😉