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Cool Cafe Racer Video

I came across this excellent video on Vimeo. The bike is a Yamaha SR500. You don’t see many bike videos that use classical music. I thought it was a great touch and the bike is just beautiful. Enjoy.

A short film by Ricki Bedenbaugh for Lossa Engineering, “Solus”. Lossa Engineering built Yamaha SR500, also featured on Cafe Racer TV season 1.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo bike

Vintage Honda CB350

Vintage Honda CB350

Update: Jan. 24, 2012 Rooney Mara was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Lisbeth Salander.

Cori and I went to a matinĂ©e to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday. I was curious to see how the bike would be used in the film. I had read that the studio wanted the Lisbeth Salander character to ride a newer bike but I thought the choice of a vintage Honda CB350 was perfect and exactly what the character would’ve ridden. Tough, a bit beat up looking and weathered with some meaty tires for riding in all weather. Glory Motor Works, a Los Angeles builder, did a fantastic job turning the bike into a vintage Cafe Racer.

The bike was in several scenes including a chase at night in the snow. We thought the growl of the CB350 engine perfectly expressed the rage pent-up inside the Salander character and as Cori pointed out seemed to growl out either “here I come” or “there I go” from a woman who otherwise survived by being a ghost. I loved the original movies and thought maybe the Hollywood version wouldn’t measure up but it did and may actually be a better adaptation of the novel. If you love thrillers and bikes check it out.

Ride safe.

Vintage Honda CB350


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