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Road Rage in Brazil

I just wrote a post for RoadRunner Magazine called “Rage Against The Machines” about how important it is to control your anger as you ride. My buddy Chris sent me this video of a cager vs. motorcycle road rage incident in Brazil which illustrates my point. I’m not sure what led up to the footage below (more…)

Shame on the Iowa Senate

Jason Clayworth/The Register

A bill,  a simple bill: Senate File 2085 was defeated by the Iowa senate this month. The bill would have required anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. When friends of Caroline Van Voorhis, a 17-year-old student at Iowa City West High School who died in a moped accident, appeared in support of the bill they were asked by Mark Maxwell, a lobbyist for ABATE why she wasn’t wearing a helmet. (more…)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo bike

Vintage Honda CB350

Vintage Honda CB350

Update: Jan. 24, 2012 Rooney Mara was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Lisbeth Salander.

Cori and I went to a matinée to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday. I was curious to see how the bike would be used in the film. I had read that the studio wanted the Lisbeth Salander character to ride a newer bike but I thought the choice of a vintage Honda CB350 was perfect and exactly what the character would’ve ridden. Tough, a bit beat up looking and weathered with some meaty tires for riding in all weather. Glory Motor Works, a Los Angeles builder, did a fantastic job turning the bike into a vintage Cafe Racer.

The bike was in several scenes including a chase at night in the snow. We thought the growl of the CB350 engine perfectly expressed the rage pent-up inside the Salander character and as Cori pointed out seemed to growl out either “here I come” or “there I go” from a woman who otherwise survived by being a ghost. I loved the original movies and thought maybe the Hollywood version wouldn’t measure up but it did and may actually be a better adaptation of the novel. If you love thrillers and bikes check it out.

Ride safe.

Vintage Honda CB350


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Dangers of anger

One evening I was headed home through a mall shortcut I take that keeps me away from a large, dangerous intersection. A driver ahead of me and to my right was waiting to pull out into my direction of travel. She saw me, I saw her and thought she would wait. Seeing traffic behind me, she decided to try and beat me which caused a panic stop and a grab of the air horn. I was so furious at nearly being taken out that I pulled alongside her and offered her a piece of my mind. As I looked back to the road I realized I was now in a curve and was heading for the curb. Now I was in a dangerous situation of my own doing. I had to throw my left leg out, lean and steer away from the curb.

I made three critical mistakes: 1) assumed the driver would wait 2) hit the air horn in anger which startled the driver and caused her to brake in front of me and 3) I let my anger divert my attention from my environment.

As motorcyclists we get angry, we’re exposed and vulnerable; but if we let our anger control our actions we often create situations far worse than the one we’re responding to.