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In addition to this site I will be writing original content for RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel, my favorite touring magazine, and honestly the best motorcycle touring magazine available. My RoadRunner blog can be read here. I’ll be posting twice a week (tuesdays and sundays when possible). RoadRunner’s new website is terrific and is loaded with information on touring, product and bike reviews, events, blogs and a ton of useful and entertaining information.

My blog for RoadRunner Magazine

Site changes: I’ve changed the commenting software from WordPress to IntenseDebate. It’s a cleaner looking setup and is better at dealing with the voluminous comment spam. You can now sign in with Twitter, WordPress, Facebook or OpenID accounts. Comments can now be threaded and voted up or down by other readers. Comment authors will carry a reputation based on votes and you can use emoticons in your comments. You can also use the comments to link back to your website.

Commuting Motorcyclist uses Gravatars, which if you are unfamiliar, are profiles linked to an email address which display a photo of you and some profile information when you login to comment on any website or blog that uses them. I like to put faces to names and Gravatars are great for that. Check out and sign up for one if you like. They are not required for comments,  you can still comment as a guest if you choose.

Ride safe.


  1. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

    Oh, the first article is up now. I'll be posting about twice a week. Cori and I met the Neuhauser family in NY at the Progressive Show. Very nice people, easy to talk to and we seem to have similar outlooks. Should be fun.

  2. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

    V-Stroms/SV650's are bullet proof, my '05 is over 50k and still going strong. Good for tall guys too. Loved my KLR, just couldn't use it year round on the highway commute and the poor lights couldn't find the deer here in Pa. My Gerbing jacket drained the battery too. Great bike though, loved it, hated to part with it.

  3. molsonNo Gravatar

    RoadRunner looks good. I'll have to poke around the site a bit. I'm going to need to get another bike eventually, but what to get? It will have to be used. The money I save can be put towards some gear and maybe a farkle or two. I look forward to seeing your first article.

  4. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

    Thanks Don, yes I was flattered when they approached me. Hopefully I can contribute to their excellent new website.

  5. Don PlummerNo Gravatar

    Congratulations, that's a great magazine.

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