Road Rage in Brazil

I just wrote a post for RoadRunner Magazine called “Rage Against The Machines” about how important it is to control your anger as you ride. My buddy Chris sent me this video of a cager vs. motorcycle road rage incident in Brazil which illustrates my point. I’m not sure what led up to the footage below but it appears to me that the motorcyclist was lane splitting (which is common and legal in most countries). The driver appears to have taken offense and may have either bumped him or at least gotten a lot closer than the rider was comfortable with so the motorcyclist kicked the car and the rest you probably won’t believe. All I can say is I’m glad he was wearing gear. It’s miraculous that he walked away and everyone nearby was fortunate the motorcyclist was able to reach in and grab the driver’s keys…

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    I can imagine this type of thing happening a lot if lane splitting were legal in this area. Too many aggressive drivers would take extreme offense at a bike being able to get ahead of them. I had a semi try to run me into the guard rail for trying to go around him. He was intentionally blocking traffic before a merge point. Years of riding in the Pittsburgh area has taught me not to flaunt my size and maneuverability… too much.


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