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One hand on the airhorn

I’ve mastered the ability, out of necessity, to shift while never removing my thumb from the horn trigger. This skill has been developed over a period of years of commuting on 4-lane roads. It seems today’s drivers are too preoccupied with cell phones and breakfast to signal their intentions before changing lanes. The tone of the Stebel air horn is akin to that of a semi truck. It tends to snap the focus of an errant driver back to where it needs to be.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello! My name is Bud, I’m 49. I am a senior CAD designer by day and also a columnist for RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine (writing a chronicle for their print issues as Zen Motorcyclist).

A bit about my history: I took up riding in 1998 after my father died suddenly at age 57. I started, primarily as a means to spend more time with my younger brother Dave, who’s been riding since his teens. Dave found me my first bike, patiently taught me to ride and eventually took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation safety course with me (he was “top gun”). We’ve been riding together off and on ever since. There’s not been a time in my life when I needed him that my brother wasn’t there for me so you can imagine what riding together is like.

Where I’m from

I took the M.S.F. basic safety course in 2002 and the advanced course in 2004 and have been commuting 80 miles round trip per day three days a week for 10 years in Southeastern Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia). I’ve owned four bikes, a 1981 Yamaha Maxim, a 2002 Honda Nighthawk, a 2007 Kawi KLR, a 2005 a Suzuki V-Strom, and a 2012 Suzuki V-Strom. I’ve amassed more than 125,000 miles of commuting and trip experience as of this writing.


I’m a C.A.D. manager/designer/draftsman, I.T. manager and software developer by profession but my passion is riding. I commute year round and with a close group of friends I met through a riding group I started a few years back. This blog is dedicated to my father “Mr. Bud” who passed before I took my first ride. All I can promise is that the writing here will be honest and reflect my thoughts on riding and the riding lifestyle.

When I started this I really had no idea what direction it would take. As it turns out my focus is on safety, education, training and my daily observations on commuting via motorcycle. My wish is that everyone who stops by reads something that maybe they hadn’t thought of before that helps them ride more safely and avoid trouble and be entertained in the process. Hopefully you’ll find something of value here. Feel free to poke around, disagree, correct me if I’m wrong and add your insights.

Please visit the Rider Coaching page or email me if you are interested in training\coaching or have any questions at all about the blog.

Welcome and enjoy!