My Evening Commute

My sister Marylou loaned me her GoPro Hero so I toyed around with it on a recent commute home. My ride is 40 miles from Southampton, Pa. (just outside Philadelphia) to Hellertown, Pa. (near Bethlehem). I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now, pretty much year round (I only stop for snow and ice). It usually takes around an hour depending on traffic. I sped it up 8x, removed some of the longer stoplights and added some music so it’s down to 7 minutes. This particular day we had a bit of unexpected rain. The ride takes me from city areas to highway, through rolling farmland and finally up over “Mount Crumpit” (that’s what my friend Dave calls it) to my house.

The last 8 miles or so are my favorite part of the ride with some steep hairpin turns and the green of the trees. Not sure if I’ll be doing anymore videos but this was fun. It at least demonstrates that you have to have your head on a swivel when riding in traffic. I’m not sure if wearing a camera on my helmet makes people drive better (knowing they’re on camera) or distracts them. I did get some odd looks though.

Enjoy and ride safe.


  1. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

    The sound of the bike is spectacular. Awesome.

  2. molsonNo Gravatar

    This video is too cool for it's codec.

    Maybe it will give you the inspiration to make some more stromvids.

  3. BudCADNo Gravatar (Post author)

    Ditto on weekend riding. I plan 6-8 group rides with our club throughout the year but many weekends I'm not riding. Those night rides can get awful cold (even with heated gear)…:D

  4. BadKarmaPaNo Gravatar

    That's kind of a long commute. Mine is only 26 miles, but I don't stop for snow and ice. I'm also going out in the afternoon and coming home at 1am, so I don't have to deal with drivers eating breakfast or telecommuting from there cars as much. I have found that since I ride every day I don't ride much on weekends. A nice week end is more for maintenance than pleasure riding.


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