Moto and the City


Love this vid, great color, great tune, excellent camera angles and it conveys a great sense of speed. Thanks to Marty for the find. It looks at first glance like a Triumph Bonneville but it’s actually a Kawasaki W650 which is a retro standard Kawi made from 1999-2007. This is a terrific video.


  1. TrobairitzNo Gravatar

    I've always liked the looks of the W650s. We have someone that comes to coffee almost every Saturday and he one.

    Before I bought the Gladus I was looking for one, but they are very hard to come by. Sure wish they'd bring them back.

  2. Don PlummerNo Gravatar

    The way that vid looks is the way my Scramblers make me feel :) It also caused me to get stuck on you tube watching Steve Mcqueen motorcycle videos for almost an hour. You tube is evil. lol

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